Unicorn Fudge Recipe

We love the unicorn party trend!  How perfect is this Unicorn Fudge by our friends at Fronie Mae Bakes?  It is super easy and so delish!  It would be great on a dessert table or wrapped up in little clear boxes for a party favor.  Head over to Fronie Mae Bakes for the step by step instructions.  For more unicorn party ideas, visit our pinterest board or our website!

Have a magical day!



10 St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is Friday, which means it’s time to decorate! I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day decorating ideas to make your celebration fun, festive and fancy!

Let’s start with your table décor. I love these mini clover pots! They are tiny, elegant and are the perfect shade of green. Use them as individual place settings or as a centerpiece. Then after your meal, guests can take them home as a party favor!

Via Chica and Jo

Another great centerpiece idea are these hand painted gold mason jars. Line the center of your table with a few of these. Add candles inside or small bunches of white flowers. Use different sized jars to add visual interest and height to your tablescape.

Via Mason Jar Crafts

These lucky penny printables would be a cute addition to each place setting. Place one card in the center of each plate at your table. It’s a fun and simple touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Via See Vanessa Craft

I think these printable shamrocks are darling! Add them to a paper straw and you’ve got a drink that’s Pinterest worthy and ready to party!

Via Lia Griffith

Aren’t these the cutest cups you’ve ever seen? These leprechaun belt cups are as simple to make as they are darling! How fun would these be on your St. Patrick’s Day table?

Via Cutefetti

Now for the rest of your space. Need a great backdrop? Check out this incredible DIY shamrock balloon wall! This is sure to make a statement at any party.

Via The House That Lars Built

Banners are a fun and easy way to dress up any space. Make your St. Patty’s Day perfect with these 3 printable banners. Hang them across your mantle or from a dessert bar or food table. Hang them individually or in groups for a bigger impact. I love how these are draped across a chalkboard!

Via Ella Claire

Feeling extra crafty? This do it yourself Lucky sign is classy and fun! This would be really cute hanging on your front door. I always say, your front porch is a great opportunity to greet guests with styled party décor. It’s a great way to give them a sneak peak of what’s inside!

Via Landeelu

Balloons are such a fun way to add dimension and flair to any party.  These clear confetti balloons are so pretty! With the addition of a few shamrock stickers, they are all dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day!

Via Design Improvised

At Fancy That we carry balloons in several different sizes as well as clear balloons. Want confetti with that? We can customize your confetti balloons too! Just choose your colors and let us do the rest. Add shamrock stickers to the outside just like these and your DIY couldn’t be easier! Stop by our party shoppe and check out our balloon bar! We’ll help you pull together just the right look for your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Balloon wands are all the rage. These shamrock balloon wands are fun and unique. They are easy to make and are just too cute! I especially love the tassel detail. You could add these to clear mason jars around your space, use them as a centerpiece on your table or as fun party favors for each of your guests.

Via The Flair Exchange

Don’t you just love it all? I hope these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas have inspired you to get crafty and to get decorating! With a little bit of luck, these simple touches will not only make your celebration beautiful but memorable as well.

Hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Fancy as always,







Magical Leprechaun Bark Recipe

This St. Patrick’s Day whip up some magical leprechaun bark for your wee lads and lasses!

magical leprechaun bark

Here’s how to make it…


  • Baking tray
  • Foil
  • 3 bags Wilton Candy Melts in various colors
  • 1/2 cup Candyfetti
  • 1/2 cup marshmallows from marshmallow cereal

magical leprechaun bark

Get 3 bags of colored Wilton Candy Melts.  I chose two shades of green and white.  Grab some Candyfetti from Fancy That and pick up some marshmallow cereal from the store.  Separate the marshmallows out.magical leprechaun bark

Cover a shallow baking pan with foil.

Melt the candy melts in the microwave for 1 minute.  Stir the melts and put them back in for 30 seconds.  Stir again (at this point you could add flavoring to your candy melts) and pour onto baking tray.  Do this will all three colors.

magical leprechaun bark

Once you have all your colors poured onto the baking tray use a fork or toothpick to swirl the colors together.
magical leprechaun bark

Sprinkle the Candyfetti and marshmallows onto the chocolate.  Place the tray in the refrigerator for an hour or two.  Once firm you can lift the foil off the baking tray, turn the leprechaun bark onto the counter and peel the foil away.  Break the bark into small pieces.  Eat it as is or put it on cupckaes, cakes, make hot chocolate with it, wrap it up in a cello bag and give it as a gift.  So many magical possibilities!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography


Donut Birthday Party Ideas


Fancy That Donut Party Ideas

We’ve got donuts on the brain! This mint and coral donut party is sure to be a hit!  Filled with crafty details and sweet treats, this collection with delight your guests!

Donut Party
Mint and Coral Donut Party! Find the donut banner here!


Add a fun back drop to your table using our birthday banner and tissue tassels.
Using one of our birthday banners and tissue tassels we created a fun party backdrop.


We are in love with our DIY donut pinata and donut balloons. Check out our blog posts to find out how we made them!
We are in love with our DIY donut pinata and donut balloons. Check out our blog post to find out how we made them!


Pile up your donuts on one of these durable donut plates (because you know you can’t eat just one).


You can get pretty messy eating donuts! These fun napkins will clean that mess right up!
You can get pretty messy eating donuts! These fun napkins will clean that mess right up!


How cute are these milk jugs?! Fill the jug with milk, then use one straw from the pack to poke a hole through all the donuts. Place the donut on top of the jug, then use a clean straw through the donut hole.
How cute are these milk jugs?! Fill the jug with milk, then use one straw from the pack to poke a hole through all the donuts. Place one donut on top of each jug, then place a clean straw through the donut hole.


As much as we would like to only eat donuts, sometimes it's nice to have a little variety. We filled these popcorn boxes with marshmallow cream coated popcorn and topped it with yummy sprinkles.
As much as we would like to only eat donuts, it’s good to have a little variety. We filled these popcorn boxes with marshmallow cream coated popcorn and topped it with yummy sprinkles.  The mint popcorn boxes are adorable plain but are over the top cute with donut party dots attached to them!


Like we said, you need a variety of food, but it can still be donut shaped! We filled up our baking cups with cereal - perfect for 3 year old's to snack on!
Like we said, you need a variety of food, so we filled up our baking cups with donut shaped cereal – perfect for 3 year old’s to munch on!


Who needs a cake? Using a whole bunch of donuts we created a donut cake. We topped it off with some adorable custom flags and a sparkler candle!
Who needs a cake? Using a whole bunch of donuts we created a donut tower. We topped it off with some adorable custom flags and a sparkler candle!


These tins, filled with donut shaped sugar cookies, are perfect for sending your guests home with a little something sweet.
These tins, filled with donut shaped sugar cookies, are perfect for sending your guests home with a little something sweet.


Table top


diy mini donut pinata fancy that
Looking for a cute favor? We love these mini donut pinatas!

Check out the mini piñata instructions and our cute watercolor donut tag printable!

Now that you know how crazy cute a donut party can be, stop into Fancy That and pick up your very own donut party supplies!

Visit our Orenco Station celebration shoppe or shop the entire collection of donut party supplies online!   We offer free shipping on orders over $50 too!

Darling photos by Katie Hickenbottom Photography.

Party on!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

Do you have a leprechaun that plays tricks at your house?  We’ve got one that likes to turn our milk green, but he also leaves yummy treats so we can’t get too mad at him.

This St. Patrick’s Day surprise your littles with Lucky Leprechaun Potion.  We poured milk into one of our cute little milk jugs then added green food coloring and just a dash of mint extract (got to keep things interesting). Add a cute tag to it and voila!  Lucky Leprechaun Potion!

Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

I like to make a little treat to go with the potion – this year I’m making Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats.  Brown Eyed Baker has a fab recipe and it’s so easy!  If you like rice crispy treats you’ll love these!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board!




How To Hygge, Fancy Style

Drink Tea and Hygge Cup Sleeve | Fancy ThatPhoto credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography


The holidays are over but that doesn’t mean you need to let the winter blues get you down.  In fact, winter is the perfect time to enjoy hygge.  

What is hygge you ask?

Hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) is a Danish concept of creating happiness, comfort and coziness in our lives. Think a crackling fire, a pair of cozy socks, a warm blanket, lots of candlelight, a warm cup of tea, good friends and great food.   All of us at Fancy That love to hygge.  So we decided to share our tips on how to hygge fancy style.  

Candles – Light those candles (lots of them)!  The glow of a candle is the best way to embrace the hygge tradition.   You can also include warm toned lamps or twinkle lights as well.  If you’ve got a fire place, light it up!  The roar and glow of a fire is perfect to hygge.  Need to update your candle stash?  One of our favorites is our Paddywax soy candle collection.  We have lots of colors and scents – the salted grapefruit is a staff favorite!   

Hot Drink –  There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up with a warm beverage, right? Put on the kettle and brew up a cup of tea, coffee or cider (we’ve been known to spike it too!)  We love mugs…like a lot!  Pick one that makes you smile and brings up happy thoughts!  

Get Cozy – Find the warmest, coziest socks you can.   Throw on your pajamas or comfy sweats and oversized sweaters.  Seriously, ditch the jeans and get comfy! 

The Blanket – Get the softest, coziest blanket you can find to wrap yourself up in.   

Sweet Treat – What is your favorite treat to enjoy?  I will never turn down a brownie or truffle!  Whatever you crave, enjoying a decadent treat is the perfect compliment to your hot drink. 

Unplug – This is important!  Unplug from social media, emails and texts.  Journal, read a book or magazine, listen to music, invite a friend over and catch up.

Now, let’s hygge!   

Hygge kits make a lovely gift –  stop by our Orenco Station shoppe and we will help you put one together!   Visit our pinterest board for more ideas on how to hygge!



Get Your Mocktail On!

We heart Valentine’s Day! Although we try to spread the love all year round, it’s awesome having a day dedicated to showing someone (or someones) just how much you love them.  Sweeten up your sweethearts this year with some mouth watering mocktails that kids and adults will love!

Pink Crush

1 sphere lollipop crushed up

2 tbsp sugar

Sparkling raspberry flavored water (this should not be sweetened)

Crush up the lollipop in a bag, then mix in the sugar. Add a spoonful or two to your martini glass and top with sparkling water. Add straw, sip and enjoy!

Strawberry Floats

Strawberry Soda

Vanilla Ice Cream

Whipped Cream
So…I just eye balled things for this recipe. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into the tumbler and top with the strawberry soda. Add whipped cream and a fancy umbrella. Yum! Yum!
Love on the Rock
Sparkling Apple Cider (or champagne for those 21 and over)
Rock Candy
So Simple, yet so sophisticated! Pour the sparkling apple cider into the champagne flute, then add the rock candy. The rock candy will give the apple cider some additional flavor. C’est magnifique!
Shirley Temple
Ginger ale
Maraschino Cherry
You can’t beat this classic mocktail! Again, I just eyeballed this recipe…so all you need to do is pour the ginger ale into the wine glass and add grenadine to taste. Top with a maraschino cherry (or a few).
If you want a little extra sumpin-sumpin add a splash of your favorite booze to any of the above recipes.
Happy mocktailing!

DIY Mini Donut Pinata and Free Donut Printable

We are at it again with the donut pinatas!  This time we’ve created a mini version that’s super simple to make!  Follow the steps below to make one of your very own!

Supplies Needed:  Paper plates, 3 rolls of fringe (white, pink, brown), hot glue gun, washi tape, glue stick, confetti, treats to fill pinata.

diy mini donut pinata

Now to put it all together! 

1. Cut the brims off your paper plates.

diy mini donut pinata


2. Fill one paper plate with your goodies. I chose some yummy truffles from Seattle Chocolates, Annie B’s Caramels, and my favorite Blue Q gum!

diy mini donut pinata


3. Place 2nd paper plate on top of goody filled plate and tape shut with washi tape.

diy mini donut pinata


4. Cut a small piece of brown fringe and hot glue it to the center of the plate – this is the donuts hole.

diy mini donut pinata


5. Hot glue around the brown fringe and lay down your pink fringe – this is the frosting and should fill almost the entire top portion of the plate.

diy mini donut pinata


6. Glue around the pink fringe and lay down the white fringe – do not glue over the place where the two plates meet.

diy mini donut pinata

7. Repeat steps 1-6 on the other side of the pinata

8. Trim fringe around the pinata if you prefer. I did so it wasn’t quite as fluffy. Fringe clippings make great confetti!

9. Take your glue stick and rub it all over the pink fringe.

diy mini donut pinata


10. Sprinkle confetti on donut and let dry.

diy mini donut pinata


There you have it! Your very own mini donut pinata. Wasn’t that easy?!

diy mini donut pinata


Of course you can make chocolate donuts too!

diy donut pinata


And since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we love you so much we’ve created this fun donut tag for you to attach to your pinata.

We adore these exclusive watercolor donuts tags by Katie Hickenbottom Photography.  Sign up to receive your free printable donut tag!

diy donut pinata


Happy crafting!



Candyfetti Mini Trifles


Have you tried Candyfetti from Sweets Indeed yet?  Well…if you haven’t you are missing out!  It’s sweet and sour, crunchy and chewy.  Perfect to eat on it’s own or to sprinkle on cupcakes, ice cream, pancakes…anything your little heart desires really.

We used Candyfetti to make mini trifles for our upcoming Valentine’s Day party!  And let me tell you,  they were a hit by our taste testers!   You can make them too, just follow the recipe below:



  • Plastic shot glasses
  • Spoons (I used Inkberry’s wooden hand stamped spoons)


  • Box of cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Candyfetti

I use the term “trifle” pretty loosely.  If you want to make a traditional trifle you could add custard and fruit, but since these cups are so small I just used frosting!  Make the cake according to the directions.  Once you take it out of the oven and let it cool, cut the cake in half length wise.

Candyfetti Cake


Using a shot glass cut out cake circles.

Candyfetti Cake

Place a dollop of frosting in the bottom of a clean shot glass and then sprinkle on some Candyfetti.


Place a cake circle on top then add more frosting and Candyfetti.

Candyfetti Cake

Candyfetti Cake

Repeat the above steps one more time…

Candyfetti Cake

That’s it! So cute, so yummy and so easy!


Happy Baking!


Photo credits:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography