DIY Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial

We just got a lovely shipment of individual rolls of crepe paper. The colors of crepe paper are amazing from soft blue to hot pink and every color in between.One of our favorite crafts to do with crepe paper is to make flowers and use them as centerpieces. The great thing about these rolls of crepe is that they are so big you can make a very large impactful flower. So here goes. Our version of the over sized crepe paper flower.crepe paper flowerFancy Supplies:
green crepe paper for leaves

any color of crepe paper for the petals

one yarn pom pom for center of flower


floral tape

floral wire

decorative scissors any style you like
Hot glue and gun

Step 1:

Cut off the tail of the pom pom and hot glue floral wire to pom pom. Set aside for now.
Step 2:

Fold petal colored crepe paper in half at one end. Crepe paper is directional so make sure you are folding with the vertical grain of the paper.

Step 3:
Cut petals in an arch shape with a taped bottom. Use decorative scissors. This will create a pretty edge to your petals. Repeat this 3-4 times

Step 4:
Unfold each petal and gently pull and curl the crepe paper so the creases become smooth. This creates a lightweight natural look to the paper.
Repeat this pulling and curling method on each petal.

Step 5:
Next take your floral wire with the pom pom on it and floral tape and start wrapping the petal around the floral wire. Secure each petal with floral tape.

Step 6:
Once you get the petals attached to the wire, switch to the leaves and cut two leaf shaped leaves.

Step 7:
Wrap the leaves around the stem of the petals on different sides of the petals.

When you are all finished attaching leaves scrunch the petals with you hands to give the flower a natural look.

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