DIY Snow Cone Garland

Here’s the scoop on a fun and easy garland tutorial for your up coming ice cream or snow cone party.   Wouldn’t this be fun to hang at the park for an end of summer party?

photo 4

Fancy Supplies:
(find these at Fancy That)
Assorted colored yarn pom poms
Snow cone cups
Bakers twine
Craft Supplies:
hot glue and glue gun

Step 1:  Choose your yarn pom poms. Stop into Fancy That or call, (we ship) and pick out your pom pom colors. If you don’t see the right color for your party, we can do a custom order.

Step 2:  Once you choose your colors lay them out in the color pattern you want before you start, this will makes the assembly quicker.

Step 3:  On your snow cone cup rim place a generous amount of hot glue. Be careful, it’s going to be hot. Hold the snow cone from the bottom.

Step 4:  Now place the pom pom into the cup with the tail of the pom pom on top. Make sure you center the pom pom with the tail as close to the center as possible.

photo 2
Step 5:  Repeat as many times as you want.
Step 6:  Now measure out the length of twine you need and start tying on the pom pom cones in your selected pattern. Trim the tails of the pom pom and hang your garland.
snow cone garland
It’s that easy!!
Party On!

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