Valentine Card Box DIY

A new twist on the old Valentine card box + free fancy that printable!

With Valentine’s Day parties fast approaching your kiddo’s will love this new approach to the old “shoe box” Valentine card mailbox!


Here’s how to make it fancy!

Fancy Supplies:

Gable box
Washi tape- optional
Free printable
Paper Straw-Optional


Heart shaped punch (optional)
Paper of your choice
Glue or double sided tape

Simply cut a rectangle in one of the top flaps of the gable box, big enough for candy, cards or toys to fit through. I used a ruler and drew a faint template of a rectangle before cutting the shape out with an x-acto knife. Hint: do this before opening the box up so you can lay the top flap flat on the cutting board (single layer).

To make the edges of the rectangle look finished, I trimmed the edges with washi tape.

Now the hard put is done and the fun can begin. Hand the box over to your kiddo and let their imagination go wild.

Use whatever wrapping paper or card stock you have on hand to decorate the entire box.

I used wrapping paper to trim around the box and card stock cut to the size of the box front and back to add some interest.  I used twine and strung hearts down the front.

Don’t forget we provided our original designed hearts to be downloaded and cut out. Use them to add an extra special one of a kind feel to your kiddos card box.

I used a paper straw to make an arrow. Simply cut slits in the stop and bottom of the straw and place the arrow tip and the tail in the slits. Fasten the straw to the box with washi tape or twine.arrow-heartpink-heart


Ta ta for now,



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