DIY Donut Pinata

For all you crafty, donut loving people out there have we got the tutorial for you! This DIY donut pinata is not only super cute, but it’s an inexpensive way to add some extra fancy to your next party.


  • 1 large box
  • masking tape
  • box cutter or scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue stick

Fancy That Supplies

  • 3 (or more) rolls of fringe
  • 3 packs of tissue paper
  • twine

Grab a large box and disassemble it to make it lay flat. Then use a large circular object to trace 2 circles on the box.

large box

donut pinata
I used a lampshade for my circle


Using a box cutter cut out the circles.


Next, find a smaller circular object to make the circle for the hole.

Donut pinata
I used a small pot

Okay, now you’ll need to do a little math here – it will ensure that your hole is centered. Measure the large circle (mine was 15 inches in diameter) and then measured the small circle (mine was 5 inches in diameter). Use a long ruler and place one edge on the center of the large circle. For my circle I made a mark at 5 inches and 10 inches then I turned the ruler the other direction and made the same two marks. I put the pot down on the marks I made and traced the circle and then cut it out. Repeat with the other circle.

Donut Pinata
Place your small circle on the marks and trace around it.

Donut Pinata

The next step is to cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go around the out side of the 2 circles. So…time for more math! Yay! Take the diameter of your circle and multiply it by 3.14 (i.e. 15 x 3.14). This is the length of strip you will need. If your cardboard isn’t long enough you can add extra pieces. Now, measure the width of this strip and remember it – you’ll need to cut a shorter strip, the same width, to go around the small hole.

Donut Pinata

Once you have the strip cut you can start taping it to the edge of the circle. Once that’s done you can place the pinata upright and poke 2 small holes about an inch apart from each other into the top of the strip. Thread some twine through the holes. I did this step after I taped on the second circle, it made it pretty hard to string the twine. You live and you learn, right?

Donut pinata

Now you can tape the second circle. Don’t tape the pinata too well (like I did) it will be easier for the kids to break if you don’t.


Weak point


Now you can fill the pinata!

Donut Pinata

After the pinata is filled cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go around the inside hole. You can use the same formula as you did for the outside strip (diameter x 3.14). Fit the cardboard strip into the hole and tape it all around and on both sides. Don’t forget to make this strip the same width as the outside strip!

Because I love making more work for myself, I covered the pinata in computer paper. But this is an optional step. It doesn’t have to look pretty – so I just laid paper on top of the pinata and taped it down, then cut around it with scissors.

Donut pinata

Plug in that glue gun and get your fringe out! Start on the inside of the circle and work to the outside edge, spiraling the fringe around and gluing every inch or two.

Donut Pinata

Work your way all around the pinata until it is completely covered in fringe. The only part that should not be covered in fringe is the inside hole of the donut. If you make your hole large enough you could put the fringe on the inside, but I made my hole to small, so I glued plain white paper on the inside hole.

Now for the frosting!

There are two ways you can do this. You can use a different color of fringe and spiral it around the middle of the donut, like this:

Donut pinata

Or you can use tissue paper.

Donut pinata

For the tissue paper frosting start with one sheet of tissue and put some hot glue about an inch away from the hole. Then put the edge of the tissue paper on it. Worked your way the circle by gluing and gathering the tissue. Repeat these steps until you get back to where you started. Layer another piece of tissue about 1 inch above the first layer and work your way around again. Take your scissors and cut off any excess tissue to make sure your frosting is nice and rounded. Then glue the outside edges of tissue paper down.

For the sprinkles you can use a couple different colors of tissue. Lay out the tissue and cut through a few layers to make little rectangles. Then take the glue stick and smeared some on the small pieces of tissue, at least 2 pieces of tissue will stick together, which is good because the tissue is kind of light with only one layer.

Donut Pinata



Add as many sprinkles as you want! Now you have a super cute pinata that the kids will love! And your friends will be totally impressed by your craftiness.

Donut Pinata

We’d love to see how your pinata turns out! Post your pic to our Facebook page or tag Fancy That in your post!

Happy crafting!

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