Patriotic Paper Straw Wreath Tutorial

Ready to add a fancy patriotic decoration to your home? Here’s how with this simple paper straw wreath.

Patriotic Straw Wreath


  • Hot glue gun
  • Wreath form – I used a 9’ wreath form because I needed a bigger wreath for my wall but you can use any size just adjust your straw purchase
  • Scissors
  • Small amount of yarn or twine
  • Pinwheels to add a bit of fun – I made three pinwheels using Martha Stewart’s scoring tool. Follow the directions provided in the scoring tool they are super easy. (Optional)


Fancy That Supplies

  • 2 Packs of sailor striped blue paper straws
  • 2 packs of candy apple red diagonal paper straws (I didn’t use all the straws in each pack so you will have leftovers to use for patriotic drinks)
  • Washi tape


Here goes:

First place a bit of twine or yarn around the wreath to make a loop for hanging.

Once that is done start wrapping your wreath form with washi tape. This is super easy and makes such a difference to the finished look of your wreath.

Patriotic Straw Wreath

Now because I wasn’t sure how many straws I would actually use I frayed the ends of the red straws and cut the blue straws as I placed them around the wreath.

Fraying the ends of the red straws: I wanted to add a special touch to this wreath so I used scissors to cut slits in the end of the red straws and pushed open the end so they flared out. I think this adds a bit of a fireworks feel to the wreath.

I cut the blue straws almost in half. This is totally where your creativity comes in. Choose whatever length you feel like but be sure to be consistent when cutting the blue straws.

Add the first row of straws by using the hot glue gun.  Alternating colors. Place the straws flush with the inside of the wreath.  This is very important. Work your way around the wreath.  Don’t worry about keeping the straws tight just make sure they are as evenly spaced as possible and flush with the inside edge of the wreath form.

Patriotic Straw Wreath

Once your first layer is done you can elect to stop there add the pinwheels and hang that puppy up.

But if you want something a little different here’s how:

I used the cut-off pieces of blue and I cut the red straws to the same length.  I added a second row right over the first. Once that was done I made my pinwheels and clustered them together for visual impact.

Now sit back, sip your patriotic drink and admire your handy work.

Party On!

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