Throw the cutest fruit themed party around!

We are celebrating a fruit-uitous event. Our Meri Meri fruit themed party supplies have arrived just in time for the opening of the Orenco Station Farmers Market. Whoop whoop!

With the market bursting with fresh fruit and berries and Fancy That bursting with cool ideas and supplies you are set for hosting a fresh and fruitful party.  Why a fruit themed party? Because it’s so hot right now and it’s a grape opportunity to serve up some healthy snacks while creating a colorful party that boys and girls of all ages will enjoy.   So set your table with our watermelon napkins, pineapple plates, hang the cutest ever honeycomb fruit garland across your mantel and, skewer all sorts of fresh fruit with our new fruit picks.


fruit-shot{Photo courtesy of Meri Meri}


Need more decor to make your venue pop? Never fear we’ve provided a fun tutorial for creating strawberries out of our honeycomb hearts.


DIYHoneycombStrawberry{photo courtesy of Katie Hickenbottom Photography}


Here is the skinny creating a honeycomb strawberries.

To make the strawberry heart:

* Materials: honeycomb tissue heart, glue gun, card stock for the leaves, scissors

Step 1: Cut out 4 long leaves with the paper.

Step 2: Pinch one end and glue each into the crevices of the heart.

Step 3: Cut a long thin piece of card stock roll it into a cylinder. Make sure it’s tight so that it holds its shape. Glue along the edge of the roll and squeeze together.

Step 5: Flatten the stem at one end and glue  the “stem” into the center of the tissue heart.

Done! We are bananas about these strawberries.

For more fruit party ideas, visit our pinterest board!


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