Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas

I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ’cause all the cool kids get to sit at their own special Thanksgiving table!

Make this years kids table the place to be! Get your kids to help with the decorations and table settings – they’ll feel super special and they won’t be asking to sit on your lap while you try to eat your dinner (okay, they probably will, but you might get at least 5 minutes of adult time!).

I had my little darlings help make a Pumpkin Turkey! It turned out so cute and we had fun putting it together!

Here’s how we made it…

Turkey Pumpkin
For your pumpkin turkey you will need a pumpkin, a couple different colors of construction paper, scissors, a hot glue gun, googly eyes, and red fringe (available at Fancy That). We also glued googly eyes on the pine cones, just for fun.


Turkey Pumpkin
Stack your construction paper and cut out a feather shape. I totally eyeballed mine. Then make little cuts down each side of the feather and fluff them a little.


Turkey Pumpkin
Hot glue your feathers to the back of the pumpkin.


Turkey Pumpkin
Then glue on the googly eyes.


Turkey Pumpkin
Cut out a small triangle from the construction paper to make a beak.


Turkey Pumpkin
Use a small piece of fringe for the gobble (that’s what I call it anyway…)


We also added a little crown, because, well why not?
We also added a little crown because, well, why not?

We placed our Pumpkin Turkey, who we affectionately call Joey, at the head of the table – he will keep an eye on the kiddies to make sure they eat all their food, even the turkey (so sad…)

Thanksgiving Kids Table
Anyway…for the kids table I used kraft paper as the table cloth and put some crayons in a popcorn box. My sweet angels loved the idea that they could draw on the table and not get in trouble! I had also taken them shopping at Fancy That and they picked out orange fringe and orange plates. We lined the table with the fringe and added twinkle lights for a fun table runner!


Thanksgiving Kids Table
Our cute little pine cone friends wanted to come party at the kids table too.


Thanksgiving Kids Table
What sweethearts wouldn’t be excited to drink out of these glass milk bottles with fancy paper straws?!


Thanksgiving Kids Table
Don’t just place your cutlery on the napkin, wrap it up like a little present for your sweetie pies to open before they dig in.

Do you have a designated kids table? We’d love to hear what you do to keep your little ones, or not so little ones occupied while the grown-ups do boring grown-up things at their table.

Happy Turkey Day,


{photos by Katie Hickenbottom Photography}



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