Get Your Mocktail On!

We heart Valentine’s Day! Although we try to spread the love all year round, it’s awesome having a day dedicated to showing someone (or someones) just how much you love them.  Sweeten up your sweethearts this year with some mouth watering mocktails that kids and adults will love!

Pink Crush

1 sphere lollipop crushed up

2 tbsp sugar

Sparkling raspberry flavored water (this should not be sweetened)

Crush up the lollipop in a bag, then mix in the sugar. Add a spoonful or two to your martini glass and top with sparkling water. Add straw, sip and enjoy!

Strawberry Floats

Strawberry Soda

Vanilla Ice Cream

Whipped Cream
So…I just eye balled things for this recipe. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into the tumbler and top with the strawberry soda. Add whipped cream and a fancy umbrella. Yum! Yum!
Love on the Rock
Sparkling Apple Cider (or champagne for those 21 and over)
Rock Candy
So Simple, yet so sophisticated! Pour the sparkling apple cider into the champagne flute, then add the rock candy. The rock candy will give the apple cider some additional flavor. C’est magnifique!
Shirley Temple
Ginger ale
Maraschino Cherry
You can’t beat this classic mocktail! Again, I just eyeballed this recipe…so all you need to do is pour the ginger ale into the wine glass and add grenadine to taste. Top with a maraschino cherry (or a few).
If you want a little extra sumpin-sumpin add a splash of your favorite booze to any of the above recipes.
Happy mocktailing!

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