Snarky Valentine’s Candles

I think Jewel was talking about our new candle line when she sang “Love is a flame, never timid or tame.” These candles are definitely not timid or tame and they are the perfect gift for your valentine to let them know exactly what you like about them!

Does your love have a fine posterior? Let them know with this “I like your butt” candle. Smells like coconut, vanilla and true love.I like your butt candle

Does your heart ever burst with so much love that you can hardly contain it? A simple “I love you” just doesn’t do your feelings justice – this is where the f-word is helpful and just really pushes your message of love to the max. Afraid to say it out loud? Say it with this “I f*ucking love you” candle instead!

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just about lovers. Gift your bff’s with a fun candle to let them know that they’re like really pretty. This candle doubles as a daily affirmation tool.

you're like really pretty candle

Or maybe they are beyond pretty. They are so beyond that they’re venturing into the magical realm. Then this “You’re a magical unicorn” candle is for them…

Magical Unicron Candle

This next candle would go to the coolest person you know. They’re the person you wish you were. They’re “The SH*T.”

You're the sht candle

And this candle is for the person that is your person. They are the peanut butter to your jelly, the rock to your roll, the orange juice to your Champagne.

You're my person candle

We’re all a little weird, some of of us more than others…But when you find the person that is just as weird as you, hold on to them for dear life and never let them go. And after you gift them this “I’m glad you’re as weird as me” candle, they’ll know it’s for keeps too.

Weird as Me Candle

There’s pretty much a candle here for everyone in your life! You’re welcome.

Keep the flame of love burning and have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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