Snarky Valentine’s Candles

I think Jewel was talking about our new candle line when she sang “Love is a flame, never timid or tame.” These candles are definitely not timid or tame and they are the perfect gift for your valentine to let them know exactly what you like about them!

Does your love have a fine posterior? Let them know with this “I like your butt” candle. Smells like coconut, vanilla and true love.I like your butt candle

Does your heart ever burst with so much love that you can hardly contain it? A simple “I love you” just doesn’t do your feelings justice – this is where the f-word is helpful and just really pushes your message of love to the max. Afraid to say it out loud? Say it with this “I f*ucking love you” candle instead!

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just about lovers. Gift your bff’s with a fun candle to let them know that they’re like really pretty. This candle doubles as a daily affirmation tool.

you're like really pretty candle

Or maybe they are beyond pretty. They are so beyond that they’re venturing into the magical realm. Then this “You’re a magical unicorn” candle is for them…

Magical Unicron Candle

This next candle would go to the coolest person you know. They’re the person you wish you were. They’re “The SH*T.”

You're the sht candle

And this candle is for the person that is your person. They are the peanut butter to your jelly, the rock to your roll, the orange juice to your Champagne.

You're my person candle

We’re all a little weird, some of of us more than others…But when you find the person that is just as weird as you, hold on to them for dear life and never let them go. And after you gift them this “I’m glad you’re as weird as me” candle, they’ll know it’s for keeps too.

Weird as Me Candle

There’s pretty much a candle here for everyone in your life! You’re welcome.

Keep the flame of love burning and have a happy Valentine’s Day!


Copper Cow Coffee

Here at Fancy That we are serious coffee lovers and we are currently obsessed with Copper Cow Coffee’s Vietnamese Portable Pour Overs. What is Vietnamese coffee you ask? Well, it’s coffee grown in Vietnam and it’s usually paired with creamy sweetened condensed milk.

Copper Cow Coffee

The coffee comes in a pack of 5  pre-filled coffee filters and 5 packets of sweetened condensed milk. The way this portable system works is so cool!  All you need (in addition to the coffee) is a mug and hot water.

Copper Cow Coffee

First things first, heat up some water and grab a mug. Open the coffee filter pack, pop out the filter handles and place on your mug. We love how the filter fits purrrfectly on our cute cat mug from Pinky Up.

Copper Cow Coffee

Slowly pour the hot water into the coffee filter.

Copper Cow Coffee

Remove the filter and add the sweetened condensed milk.

Copper Cow Coffee

And there you have it! A delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee – it’s like a hug in a mug. Aside from the deliciousness of the coffee, we love the portability! Keep it in your desk for a mid-day pick me up. Take it to the mountains and enjoy a hot cup after a day in the snow. Take it on your next plane ride and save yourself from bad air plane coffee. The possibilities are endless!



Everyday Awards

Award season is upon us! We can’t all be Oscar or Grammy winners, but we can be winners at life! Awards make people feel special, accomplished, and appreciated! Here at Fancy That we’ve got some pretty fantastic awards that you can give out to the real winners in your life.

Daddin’ aint easy, so show your special man some love with a #1 DILF award

Or perhaps your baby mama has been really killin’ it in the mom department lately. She deserves to know!

Is there someone in your life who is magic AF? We’ve got the award for them.

Let’s be real, brides have already won the ring, but their status should be on full display to get the extra special treatment they deserve. Pin this award to your favorite bride and help her celebrate her last days as a free woman.


Now every season can be award season!


DIY Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween is one of my kids favorite holidays – maybe because it’s the one time of year that they are allowed to take candy from strangers! Here at Fancy That we just have so many scary cute Halloween things – it’s hard not to get into the Halloween spirit!

I love the mini eyeball balloons we carry – and that’s what inspired this Eye Popping Fun Halloween game!

Halloween Games for Kids
Eye popping fun for your Halloween party!

First things first! Stop into the our Hillsboro shop and grab a few packs of the mini eyeball balloons, a bag of confetti and some small treats from our favor bar. And maybe one of these super cute Meri Meri Halloween garlands.

halloween games for kids
Mini eye ball balloons, confetti and small treats!

Once you’ve got your loot, start filling the balloons with either a single treat or some confetti for a little trick.

eye ball balloons
Filled eyeball balloons!

These eye balls are just asking to be popped!

eye popping game board
Make your game board with a piece of cardboard, some construction paper and glue.

Next, make your game board. You’ll need a piece of cardboard and enough construction paper to cover it. I eyeballed it (get it – eyeballed hahahaha) and made my board about 18 inches on each side. I cut the construction paper into squares and glued it to the cardboard.

DIY Halloween games for kids
Puncture the cardboard with scissors.

Take your scissors, and using the sharp tip make enough holes, somewhat evenly spaced, on your game board for the balloons. The amount of holes will depend on how many balloons you’ve filled.

DIY Halloween Games for Kids
Use a pencil to help poke the end of the balloon through the hole.

I used the eraser side of a pencil to push the end of the balloon through the hole I made with the scissors. Once all the balloons are attached you can flip the board over and secure the balloons by placing a piece of painters tape over the ends of the balloons.

DIY Halloween Game for Kids
Hang the finished game board on the wall and decorate with spider webs!

You’re ready to hang the finished game board on the wall! I used tacks, but you can use tape if your board is not too heavy. I got creepy and covered my board with spider webs.

Check out the tutorial video below to see the game in action!

Now the fun begins! I gave each of the kids a sharpened pencil and had them take turns popping the balloons. They either got a trick balloon with confetti or a treat!

DIY Halloween Game for Kids
Winner! Treats from Fancy That’s favor bar!


DIY Halloween Game for Kids
Treats so cute it’s scary!

What are your favorite Halloween party games?

Stay spooky!


Mermaid Party Ideas

Mermaids, unicorns, pineapples! Oh my! This year for my daughter’s 8th birthday we went on a shopping trip to where else – Fancy That! I let her pick out some supplies for her party – and when you’re the birthday girl you can pick out whatever you want! She chose to mix and match, because it’s hard to choose just one thing when everything is so cute!

Mermaid Party

What’s the most important thing at a party? The cake! Or cupcakes in this case. We used Meri Meri’s adorable Mermaid Cupcake Kit to make chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting and “sand.” To create these cute cupcakes I added blue food coloring to the frosting. Once the cupcakes were frosted I dipped half of them in the “sand” (crushed graham crackers), and added the adorable toppers! Oh and I can’t forget the number 8 sparkler candle!


Plates and napkins are also a must at any party! My sweetie chose the Unicorn & Rainbow plates and some super fun pineapple napkins.

Fancy That’s signature sixlet favors were a huge hit with the party girls!

To make the party a little more festive, I made some seaweed to place around the room. To make the seaweed I used some of our mint green tissue paper. I folded a few sheets in half and cut strips almost up to the fold (careful not to cut through the fold).

Are you loving the mythical creature trend as much as we are?!


Photos by Katie Hickenbottom Photography

Girl Boss Inspired Gifts

Is anyone else obsessed with the new Netflix show Girl Boss?! Not ashamed to admit that I totally binged watched it. At Fancy That we are a shop owned and run by girl bosses and we know how to get our hustle on!

In honor of our new obsession and girl bosses everywhere, we’ve picked out our favorite girl boss paraphernalia that will let everyone know who’s in charge (as if they didn’t already know!).

This boss bitch pennant is just too fun! Put it on your desk or wave it out your car window as you drive down the street. You can do anything you want with it – you’re the boss!

Being the boss can be stressful! So much responsibility! So many decisions that need to be made! We know you know how to girl boss that shit, but why not take some of the edge off with a little tipple from your very own girl boss flask. While we don’t advise drinking while working (wink, wink) you can fill this flask up with coffee, tea, “juice”..whatever you fancy, because who’s the boss? You’re the boss!

Girl bosses run on coffee and work 24/7 (Brush my hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that!). So put your hair up and grab a cup of coffee in this super stylish travel mug.

Even if you’re messy bunning it, a girl boss still wants to look her best! This girl boss compact fits in your pocket or purse so you can check yourself out any time you want – because you’re the boss!

Girl bosses have to be efficient! These cute socks kill two birds with one stone:

1. Keep your feet nice and warm.

2. Remind everyone that just because you’re shouting orders at them you’re not being bossy, you’re the boss!

You’re a grown ass lady and you do what you want! Why’s that? Cuz you da boss! Keep everyone off your back with this handy tote. Bring it to the grocery store and fill it with wine – who cares what anyone thinks! You do you.

Pop into the shop to check out even more girl boss worthy gifts.

Girl bosses unite!



Tropical Bridal Shower Ideas

At Fancy That we love collaborating with bloggers and seeing what they come up with! When Jen T by Design told us she was throwing a tropical bridal shower, we knew exactly what to send her…our Palm Tree Party Kit!

How pretty is this place setting?! We love how Jen layered our palm tree plates and napkins.

Just add a splash of lime and a bit of fancy to the party with these cute palm tree paper cups!

This drink cart though! It is on point and our tassels look so good draped over the side of it.

Want more tropical goodness? Head over to Jen T by Designs blog for more details about this fabulous party!



Pandacorn Party Ideas

At Fancy That we are obsessed with everything unicorn and we are taking our obsession to a whole new level! Working in collaboration with Bella C Parties, Delectable Baked Goods and Katie Hickenbottom Photography, we would like to introduce you to the unicorns distant cousin…the pandacorn! These creatures are just as magical as the unicorn, and dare we say more adorable? We’ll let you be the judge!

We love working with Isabelle of Bella C Parties! She creates magical parties and this one was no different! I mean, check out the roses with the glitter corns and the pandacorn head. She made those! Disclaimer: no pandacorns were hurt in the making of this party.

And let’s not forget that cake! Melanie at Delectable Baked goods went all out – there is even edible glitter on the cake!

Our Meri Meri plates and napkins, and Sambellina paper cups coordinated perfectly! We tossed some of our hand cut confetti on the table too, because confetti. It’s our favorite!

Lisa designed these custom pandacorn images that were used on our custom favor boxes, straws, and as part of the place setting and a garland. {These will be available online very soon!}

She also created these custom pandacorn cupcake wrappers!


One of our new metallic round balloons and a cute little panda balloon were used as the centerpiece for the table. The round balloon was wrapped up in tulle to make it even fancier. Our small honeycomb balls were also used on the table to add a little something extra!

Isabelle even made the cutest pandacorn headbands for our party girls!

So whose ready to jump on the pandacorn wagon!? We promise it will be magical AF!


Wonder Woman Party

Break out your golden lassos and get ready to party Wonder Woman style! Bella C Parties has done it again, styling another fabulous party!

We love the bright, bold colors and all the details that went into this soiree.

Bella C put our red dot baking cups to use by filling them with candy. These little cups are so versatile – use them for candy, snacks, cupcakes (obvi)…at Fancy That we even use them to package up little gifts and favors!

Who says cups are just for holding liquid! Bella C used our blue striped Sambellina cups to hold her fun straws.

Our sixlet favors look so good on her party table! We love creating favors and mixing up different color combos!

We can’t not mention this amazing cake by Sewell Sweets!

Head over to Bella C Parties blog to get even more details on this wonderful Wonder Woman party!

Girl Power!


Photo credit: Katie Hickenbottom Photography

Balloon Garland Kits

If you haven’t noticed we here at Fancy That are kind of obsessed with balloons. How could we not be? There are so many amazing ways to use them as party decor. Our favorite way to use balloons right now is to create balloon garlands.

Swag them above your party table…

Drape them over your party table…

Or use them as a table runner!

We know what you’re thinking “these look amazing, but aren’t they hard to make?!” Our answer is “no!” They are so easy to put together! And we’ve made it even easier by creating balloon garland kits, complete with everything you need (including instructions) to make your very own 8 foot garland!

Okay, enough about the balloon garlands – let’s talk about this cake! The amazing strawberry buttercream cake with gold drip was made by the fabulous Delectable Baked Goods! Go check her out she is amazing! She also made the yummy macrons that sit on top of the cake.

Go forth and create!



Fancy That

Delectable Baked Goods

Katie Hickenbottom Photography