St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

Do you have a leprechaun that plays tricks at your house?  We’ve got one that likes to turn our milk green, but he also leaves yummy treats so we can’t get too mad at him.

This St. Patrick’s Day surprise your littles with Lucky Leprechaun Potion.  We poured milk into one of our cute little milk jugs then added green food coloring and just a dash of mint extract (got to keep things interesting). Add a cute tag to it and voila!  Lucky Leprechaun Potion!

Photo credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

I like to make a little treat to go with the potion – this year I’m making Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats.  Brown Eyed Baker has a fab recipe and it’s so easy!  If you like rice crispy treats you’ll love these!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board!




DIY Mini Donut Pinata and Free Donut Printable

We are at it again with the donut pinatas!  This time we’ve created a mini version that’s super simple to make!  Follow the steps below to make one of your very own!

Supplies Needed:  Paper plates, 3 rolls of fringe (white, pink, brown), hot glue gun, washi tape, glue stick, confetti, treats to fill pinata.

diy mini donut pinata

Now to put it all together! 

1. Cut the brims off your paper plates.

diy mini donut pinata


2. Fill one paper plate with your goodies. I chose some yummy truffles from Seattle Chocolates, Annie B’s Caramels, and my favorite Blue Q gum!

diy mini donut pinata


3. Place 2nd paper plate on top of goody filled plate and tape shut with washi tape.

diy mini donut pinata


4. Cut a small piece of brown fringe and hot glue it to the center of the plate – this is the donuts hole.

diy mini donut pinata


5. Hot glue around the brown fringe and lay down your pink fringe – this is the frosting and should fill almost the entire top portion of the plate.

diy mini donut pinata


6. Glue around the pink fringe and lay down the white fringe – do not glue over the place where the two plates meet.

diy mini donut pinata

7. Repeat steps 1-6 on the other side of the pinata

8. Trim fringe around the pinata if you prefer. I did so it wasn’t quite as fluffy. Fringe clippings make great confetti!

9. Take your glue stick and rub it all over the pink fringe.

diy mini donut pinata


10. Sprinkle confetti on donut and let dry.

diy mini donut pinata


There you have it! Your very own mini donut pinata. Wasn’t that easy?!

diy mini donut pinata


Of course you can make chocolate donuts too!

diy donut pinata


And since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we love you so much we’ve created this fun donut tag for you to attach to your pinata.

We adore these exclusive watercolor donuts tags by Katie Hickenbottom Photography.  Sign up to receive your free printable donut tag!

diy donut pinata


Happy crafting!



Candyfetti Mini Trifles


Have you tried Candyfetti from Sweets Indeed yet?  Well…if you haven’t you are missing out!  It’s sweet and sour, crunchy and chewy.  Perfect to eat on it’s own or to sprinkle on cupcakes, ice cream, pancakes…anything your little heart desires really.

We used Candyfetti to make mini trifles for our upcoming Valentine’s Day party!  And let me tell you,  they were a hit by our taste testers!   You can make them too, just follow the recipe below:



  • Plastic shot glasses
  • Spoons (I used Inkberry’s wooden hand stamped spoons)


  • Box of cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Candyfetti

I use the term “trifle” pretty loosely.  If you want to make a traditional trifle you could add custard and fruit, but since these cups are so small I just used frosting!  Make the cake according to the directions.  Once you take it out of the oven and let it cool, cut the cake in half length wise.

Candyfetti Cake


Using a shot glass cut out cake circles.

Candyfetti Cake

Place a dollop of frosting in the bottom of a clean shot glass and then sprinkle on some Candyfetti.


Place a cake circle on top then add more frosting and Candyfetti.

Candyfetti Cake

Candyfetti Cake

Repeat the above steps one more time…

Candyfetti Cake

That’s it! So cute, so yummy and so easy!


Happy Baking!


Photo credits:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography


Simple Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Here is a simple and delicious cocktail recipe that is perfect to make to celebrate with your sweetie!  You can find cute sentiment glasses and rock candy in our Orenco Station shoppe!

Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe!

  • 1 shot of vodka
  • ginger ale
  • ice
  • frozen strawberries
  • rock candy

You Rock Cocktail

Fill your glass with ice and a few frozen strawberries. Pour over vodka shot and then top with ginger ale. Finish it off with a stick of rock candy!

This makes a great mocktail for the kids too – just eliminate the vodka!

Happy sipping!

Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Did you know February 13th is Galentine’s Day?  What is Galentine’s Day you ask?  Well, according to Leslie Knope (from the TV show Parks and Recreation):  “It’s only the best day of the year!  Every February 13th my lady friends and I leave our husband and boyfriends at home and just come kick it breakfast style.  Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Sounds awesome to us!  For our Galentine’s Day celebration we’re keeping it super casual…donuts, no make-up, yoga pants, sweatshirts, ponytail’s (we like to be comfortable!).

We’ve rounded up some super cute Galentine’s Day ideas just for you – check it out!

Treat yo’ self and your friends to a little bag full of goodies!  We love how the gals over at Style Me Pretty used paper straws to make the arrows!

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty
Via: Style Me Pretty

We love giving and receiving cards!  Especially when there is something really heartfelt written inside.  The ladies over at Amy Pohler’s Smart Girl’s have rounded up some amazing (and free) cards for you to download!

Artist: Alyssa Wigant
Artist: Alyssa Wigant

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake.  Need I say more?

Via Hoosier Homemade
Via Hoosier Homemade

Who doesn’t love having their nails done?  This DIY Nail Polish Bar from Something Turquoise is perfect for any Galentine’s Day soiree!  And you can get those amazing balloon letters by clicking here!

Via Something Turquoise
Via Something Turquoise

What’s a party without decorations?!  Stop into the shop and pick up a few honeycomb hearts and fans to make your Galentine’s Day extra special for your lady friends!

Valentine's decorations

Happy Galentine’s Day to all you Fancy Ladies!  Love ya, mean it!


DIY Heart Pinata

Here at Fancy That we’re lovers, not fighters. With that in mind we designed this DIY Heart Pinata so you can tug on its heart strings (because smashing hearts to pieces on Valentine’s Day just seems wrong). If you pull the correct ribbon the heart will open up and the candy will flow out.

DIY Heart Pinata


This pinata is so easy to make and so adorable – if I do say so myself!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue Gun
  • Stapler
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Fringe or Crepe Paper

Here’s how we did it:

Break down your cardboard box. You’ll want two big pieces for the front and back and several smaller pieces for the sides.

DIY Heart Pinata

Next get some paper and cut out a heart. I took two pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper and taped them together. Then I folded them in half and drew half a heart. I cut out the heart and taped it in place on top of a big cardboard piece and cut it out. Do this again to the second big piece of cardboard.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

The box I used  had skinny sides – if your box is a equal on all sides, you’ll want to cut a few thin pieces for the sides of your pinata. The width of your strips will depend on how wide you want your pinata to be.

DIY Heart Pinata

Before attaching the side pieces you can bend them all over so they curve easily around the heart pieces.

Now you can start taping the side pieces to the heart pieces. I used regular tape, but you can use any tape you want. The guts of the pinata do not have to look pretty 🙂

DIY Heart Pinata

When you get to the bottom tip of the heart leave a little extra cardboard, this will act as the trap to keep the candy in the pinata. Staple the winning ribbon to the inside of this piece.

DIY Heart Pinata DIY Heart Pinata

To hang the pinata I used a long piece of twine and knotted the two ends together. Place the twine in between the two sides and center it. Take the stapler and staple the twine inside the cardboard a couple of times (or a lot of times like I did) You’ll want the knotted end of the twine to be inside the pinata.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

Now you can attach the top of the pinata.

DIY Heart Pinata

Look how cute that is already!

Ok, time to attach the rest of the ribbons. I did mine in a few different colors and cut them all different lengths.

DIY Heart Pinata

I taped the ribbons on to all sides with tape. Try not to tape over ribbon that has already been taped because it will pull both ribbons off at the same time. These do not have to be taped on well – you want them to come off easily.

DIY Heart Pinata

Once you have your ribbons attached heat up that glue gun!

You can use crepe paper or fringe to cover your pinata.  I used 3 colors of fringe – red, fuchsia and white. Side note: don’t put the glue on the tape holding down the ribbons – glue around it.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

Fill the pinata with candy and tuck the trap door into the the pinata.

You did it! Now take a few seconds to admire your work and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Happy crafting!


Lapel Pins

Listen, we need to talk about your flair…

Lapel pins are all the rage now, didn’t you know?! Fancy That just got in some awesomely cute pins for your lovely lapels. Not only are these pins super fun but they are from Oregon’s very own Little Arrow.

Loving this unicorn pin! It’s so on point – don’t quit your day dream! Like, for real, okay?

Photo credit: Little Arrow Studio

All the heart eyes for this set of lapel pins…

Photo credit: Little Arrow Studio

Maybe my favorite pin! Definitely wearing this one with pride 🙂

Photo credit: Little Arrow Studio

This rainbow pin is so amazing and cute AF!

Photo credit: Little Arrow Studio

How can you not feel happy looking at this adorable little pill?!

Photo credit: Little Arrow Studio

So, just to review:

  • all the rage
  • awesomely cute
  • super fun
  • local

So much good stuff in one little package! Stop by Fancy That to get yours! We’ll be waiting for you!


Christmas Brunch Ideas

It’s almost Christmas!  I love this time of year – the smells, the decorations, the cheer!  What I love most is getting together with family and friends, sipping on bubbly, and eating treats 🙂  My first holiday celebration was with the Fancy tribe!

We started off the celebration with some mimosas, mini donuts and cake.

Holiday Brunch Ideas

Mini is all the rage right now! I used my mini donut maker to make these cute donuts.  I whipped up some boxed cake mix and poured the batter into the donut maker.  So easy! I used sprinkles that I had left over from Delectable’s holiday cookie kits (did you order yours yet?)!  The cake came from Trader Joe’s – it’s their coffee cream panettone.  It’s to die for and it’s wrapped like a present.  What’s not to love about that?!

Mini Donuts

It’s not a party without champagne!  If you add juice to booze it makes it totally acceptable to start drinking before noon, just FYI 🙂 For our mimosas we had orange juice and a mixed berry juice.  So good!  Oh and we decorated the bottle with confetti, cuz that’s how we roll.

Confetti Champagne

Each place setting had a little treat box filled with chocolate.  Aren’t these plates and napkins so chic? I love how they come in all different colors and the gold detailing is on point!  Find the collection here!

Meri Meri Holiday Plates

Meri Meri Holiday Napkins

Balloon garlands! Way cooler than streamers (sorry streamers). And they are so easy to put together.  There are 50 balloons pictured here.  These seriously add so much fun and fancy to the party.  Fancy That sells them in sets of 20 of a single color – so you can mix and match!  Find them here!

balloon garland

I’m so thankful for these wonderful ladies!  Aren’t we cute? lol

Fancy Girls

Happy Holidays!

Oh and we ate real food too, like eggs and stuff, in case you were wondering 🙂


DIY Chocolate Bark

I love making chocolate bark! There’s chocolate and there’s peppermint – it’s the perfect holiday combo, am I right?! It’s so simple to make and you’ll impress all your friends. All you need is a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, a bag of white chocolate chips and a container of Kencraft peppermint chips or crushed candy canes.

Chocolate Bark

First pour the chips into two separate microwave safe bowls. Microwave each bowl for 30 seconds, stir, microwave for another 30 seconds. Stir until all the chocolate is melted. Do not overcook the chocolate. Not all of the chips will be completely melted when you take them out of the microwave after the 2nd heating, but that’s ok! Just stir until they are.

Chocolate Bark

Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper or foil. Pour your melted semi-sweet chocolate on the sheet, spread it around and then pour the white chocolate on top. Now, for the fun part! Take a fork or spoon and swirl the chocolates together to get a pretty marbleized look. My little helper is a stirring expert!

Chocolate Bark

Then take the crushed candy cane and sprinkle all over the top of the chocolate.

Chocolate Bark

After your satisfied with your creation, place it in the fridge to harden. This will take a few hours. Once it’s hard you can take it off of the paper or foil and break it into chunks. Place it in a cello bag and tie it with a piece of twine and a cute tag (this tag is from the amazing Inkberry).

Chocolate Bark
All wrapped up and ready to go!

Chocolate bark can be eaten as is or you can melt a few pieces in hot milk for a seriously delicious hot chocolate!





Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas

Nothing is better on a cold winter day than a piping hot cup of hot cocoa! Top that hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream and cookies and chocolate chips…you really want hot cocoa now, right? Well, mix up a big batch and invite some friends over!


Our sweet friend Pilar over at Vintage Mingle styled this incredibly adorable hot cocoa bar for my holiday mini sessions (check me out at Styled with her own rentals, as well as Fancy That’s awesome party supplies and custom signage from Letters & Dust, Pilar created a mini winter wonderland.

Hot Cocoa Bar

So obviously the most important thing when creating a hot cocoa bar is the hot cocoa! At Fancy That we love Tree House Chocolate! It’s simple, natural and delicious!

Treehouse chocolate

Next are the marshmallows – now you could just go buy your standard marshmallows from the grocery store (nothing wrong with that), but let me tell you – the marshmallows made by Delectable Baked Goods are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Like the best marshmallows I’ve ever had and they melt so perfectly in the hot chocolate! Shoot her a message or stop by Fancy That on December 3rd for Delectable’s pop-up shop to grab a bag of these babies! You won’t regret it.


As far as other toppings go, whipped cream is a staple of course, and we also used crushed red velvet oreo’s and snow cap chocolate chips. Isn’t this hand stamped spoon by Inkberry so cute?!

Hot cocoa spoons

Our friend Sarah from DeBruhl Cookie Designs made these beautiful hot cocoa cup sugar cookies for us!


I put some donuts out there too, because I love donuts.


You can’t drink hot cocoa without cups! We are in love with these buffalo plaid cup sleeves. Designed at Fancy That HQ, these wraps are so fun and cute. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of these?

Hot cocoa cup wrap

So, you’ve got your hot chocolate brewing and all your toppings out, time to decorate your bar! I love the gold letter balloons we carry at Fancy That. We went with “cocoa” but you could make it say whatever you want – the sky is the limit.

gold letter balloons

These pretty plaid hanging fans were used as part of our backdrop. They are so versatile and add extra fancy to the party.

plaid fans

If you’re a DIY’er you could paint wood rounds with chalk paint and hand letter them for some fun signage!


We used vintage glass bowls, cake plates and stands to hold our toppings and treats. Thrift stores are an awesome place to find unique serving dishes! If you ain’t got time for none of that, get in touch with Vintage Mingle and Letters & Dust!

We’d love to see your hot cocoa bar! Tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Holidays,