Pretty Little Package

Fancy That Gift Packaging


I love giving gifts.  Really, it’s so much fun.  Sometimes, I think it is even more fun than getting them … but, I hope my hubby doesn’t get any crazy ideas!

Part of the fun for me is putting together something that really makes people say, “Yaaas!” as soon as they see it.  Luckily, I know a place that has some pretty fab options to make sure every gift is delivered in a pretty little package.

My latest obsession, is our signature gift boxes.  Available, in three sizes and in all of our shoppe colors – pink, turquoise and lime.  They really are a perfect fit for just about any gift.  My sister is getting married in Hawaii in a couple of weeks.  So, of course I wanted to give her gift the fancy treatment.  I started with our signature box in turquoise, because it reminded me of the ocean.  Then I decided to add ‘gift bar extras’ and sprinkled it with a little shred, tied a ribbon and finally used the most perfect little sticker – promising, “a treat for you,” inside!  

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this.  And, I just cannot wait to give it to her.  I hope she likes what’s inside as much as she likes the outside!       

Stay fancy!


The Arrow Coffeehouse Visit

I absolutely love, love, love coffee.  Seriously, my obsession started at a young age when I would sneak sips of my Grandma’s coffee.  So, it’s no surprise that I also dig checking out new spots around town to grab a cup of joe.  When the Fancy Team decided to meet at the new Arrow Coffeehouse in Portland, I was giddy – and that wasn’t just a side-effect of my aforementioned love of coffee.  But, let me tell you, The Arrow Coffeehouse totally hits it out of the park!  Amaze ambiance, totally fun staff, yummy food and of course delicious coffee!  I also have to admit that I am a super sucker for ‘foam art’.  I might be the only one who calls it that, but I love it when I get a cute design in the foam of my latte!  

We also love supporting fellow small businesses, which is the foundation that The Arrow Coffeehouse is based on.  They are a coffeehouse in the front and a commissary kitchen in the back, providing rentable commercial kitchen space to other local small businesses.  Renters get an affordable spot to bake and cook their yummy goods, without having to shoulder the entire burden of rent.  Plus, kitchen renters get to take advantage of the awesome foot traffic the coffee shop has to sell their creations either on site or through special pop-up opportunities.  It’s so smart, and fun … and delicious!  If you are a Portlander, you need to stop in to see this place and partake in their awesomeness!    

Stay fancy,