Beer Tasting Party

Throw a Beer Tasting Party!

National Beer Day is April 7th and we want to celebrate! What better way, then to throw back a few and host your very own beer tasting party.

At Fancy That, we love the idea of gathering your closest friends to spend the evening sipping suds, all while making a game of it! We’ve pulled together an entire board full of fun beer tasting party ideas. Complete with themes, color schemes, printables and party snacks! Click here to check it out on Pinterest.

Want to add a little flair to your party? We’ve created a fun beer label for you to use! Just download our free printable and affix them around your beer bottles. Too cute! An easy way to make your party look professional and perfectly polished.  Free printable beer labels

Here are a few simple steps on how to throw a beer party of your very own:

Step 1: Ask guests to bring over a beer of their choosing. It can be light, dark, amber, lager, anything! It’s dealer’s choice. Make sure they bring it chilled and concealed so other guests aren’t able to see it.

Step 2: When your guests arrive, place their beer in a cute paper bag and tie bakers twine around the top to conceal what’s inside. Make sure only the top of the bottle is sticking out for easy pouring. You could also use our printable beer labels instead to keep each beer type a mystery.

Step 3: Using chalkboard tags or stickers, assign each beer a number and affix a tag to the outside of the corresponding bag. Make sure to keep a hidden master list of what each numbered beer actually is.

Step 4: Hand out a pre-printed beer tasting sheet, pencil and a glass to each guest and let the games begin! Encourage guests to sip, savor and snack. All while writing down their guesses and critique of each numbered beer. Prizes could be awarded for the crowd favorite or for the ultimate beer taster!

Doesn’t this sound fun? Don’t forget to make a list of your party’s top 10 beers and send them out to your guests the next day. A great way to say thanks for coming and helpful the next time they hit the beer aisle.


Cheers to beers!