Product Review: Royal Apothic

Product review time! We’ve recently stocked up on some fabulous Royal Apothic beauty treats. There are so many delicious scents and flavors to try. I am absolutely in love with the Royal Apothic Extract of Blackberry roll on perfume and Extract of Earl Grey Balmie for lips. I smell like freshly picked Oregon blackberries and my lips have never been softer.

The Extract of Blackberry comes in a perfect travel size vile that fits rather nicely in my purse – I just roll it on whenever I feel the need for a little freshening up.

The Extract of Earl Grey Balmie conjures memories of sitting down with a piping hot cuppa Earl Grey. Okay…not really, but with notes of Bergamont and vanilla, you’ll want to re-apply this smooth balm all day long. And believe me, your lips will thank you for it!

Besides making top notch products, Royal Apothic has placed their goods in the most beautiful packages. Think vintage Paris. So stock up on some for yourself and buy some for your friends. These are gifts with a definite WOW factor. Oh and your friends will love you forever. You’re welcome!

Stop into Fancy That and sample all the flavors from the Royal Apothic line.

Happy beautifying!