Boss’s Day Appreciation Gifts

Where would we be without our fearless leaders? You know the ones. The big cheese. The head honcho. The one who burns the midnight oil. The one who makes sure everything falls into place in just the right order. They not only run a business, they are juggling their own personal lives and trying to keep you happy too! Talk about more than just a nine to five gig! Our bosses are the best! Without their constant support, generosity and patience, we’d be lost and without a job LOL!

There’s nothing we love more than gift giving and Boss’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your boss some much needed love and gratitude for all they put up with and do! I’ve put together some really terrific gift ideas your boss is sure to appreciate.

Is your boss a whiskey loving bad ass? I have just the thing. Whiskey Business cocktail napkins, brandy-coffee lip balm and a Bad Ass MoFo candle! Throw in a few truffles and a mini bottle of their favorite spirits and this gift can’t be beat!


It’s time to get sh*t done! Motivate your boss with this outstanding coffee mug, a sleeve of early bird coffee and an invigorating shower burst to jump start their morning. Nothing pairs better with coffee then “coffee makes me poop” gum and a bottle of “Pooping next to coworkers” hand sanitizer.


How about a gift for the ultimate girl boss in your life? This boss lady desk sign is perfect for letting everyone know who’s in charge. At the end of the day she can light my favorite candle and enjoy a long soak in the tub with stress buster bathtub tea. Don’t forget some yummy Annie B caramels! All fit nicely into this great zipper pouch reminding her to “let it go”.



Socks are such a fun gift! “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss!” socks are just right for any boss in your life. Add a clear box full of yummy truffles and some hand sh*t and you’ve got a gift that will knock their socks off!


Bosses are brilliant. Am I right? Let them know with this fantastic gift! A fun desk sign is sure to make them smile along with “enjoy your job” breath spray and a sunny journal boasting it’s ok to “make mistakes”.

Boss’s day is October 16th! Stop by Fancy That and let us help you put together the perfect gift for your amazing boss. We can even package it up for you! Like what you see here? Call ahead 503-640-9909 or email us at and we can pull your gift together and have it ready for pick up! Let us do the work so you can get to the giving! Give your boss all the feels and celebrate them with an unforgettable gift from Fancy That!

Fancy As Always,



Girl Boss Inspired Gifts

Is anyone else obsessed with the new Netflix show Girl Boss?! Not ashamed to admit that I totally binged watched it. At Fancy That we are a shop owned and run by girl bosses and we know how to get our hustle on!

In honor of our new obsession and girl bosses everywhere, we’ve picked out our favorite girl boss paraphernalia that will let everyone know who’s in charge (as if they didn’t already know!).

This boss bitch pennant is just too fun! Put it on your desk or wave it out your car window as you drive down the street. You can do anything you want with it – you’re the boss!

Being the boss can be stressful! So much responsibility! So many decisions that need to be made! We know you know how to girl boss that shit, but why not take some of the edge off with a little tipple from your very own girl boss flask. While we don’t advise drinking while working (wink, wink) you can fill this flask up with coffee, tea, “juice”..whatever you fancy, because who’s the boss? You’re the boss!

Girl bosses run on coffee and work 24/7 (Brush my hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that!). So put your hair up and grab a cup of coffee in this super stylish travel mug.

Even if you’re messy bunning it, a girl boss still wants to look her best! This girl boss compact fits in your pocket or purse so you can check yourself out any time you want – because you’re the boss!

Girl bosses have to be efficient! These cute socks kill two birds with one stone:

1. Keep your feet nice and warm.

2. Remind everyone that just because you’re shouting orders at them you’re not being bossy, you’re the boss!

You’re a grown ass lady and you do what you want! Why’s that? Cuz you da boss! Keep everyone off your back with this handy tote. Bring it to the grocery store and fill it with wine – who cares what anyone thinks! You do you.

Pop into the shop to check out even more girl boss worthy gifts.

Girl bosses unite!