Love Letter Garland


Hand written notes seem to be a thing of the past but when you receive one, you realize how special they are! Instead of texting the one you love, why not sweeten their day with a simple note telling them how much they mean to you!

I made these darling hearts out of card stock and folded them into sweet little envelopes. When an envelope is opened, the heart shape is revealed as well as your hand written love note.  You could make these as individual notes and hide them for your special someone to find throughout Valentines Day, put one in your kid’s lunch box, next to their bed in the morning or in their backpack. Write one thing you love about them on each heart or just a simple “I love you”. String up several envelopes onto some bakers twine for a cute Valentine’s Day decoration. Then on February 14th, your sweethearts can open each one with your sentiments inside. It’s so thoughtful they’ll just melt!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Heart template (Use ours here)

heart template


a 12″ x 12″ sheet of card stock. Patterned or solid. I used doubled sided patterned paper so the inside of my heart was just as cute as the outside. You should be able to get two hearts out of one sheet


Bone folder



Washi tape or heart stickers

Bakers twine if  you want to make a garland


Start by printing out your heart template. Cut out the template and trace around it onto your card stock


The hash marks on the template represent the folds you will use to make your heart into an envelope. Once traced, take your pencil and extend the fold lines onto the card stock.


Using a ruler, lightly connect your pencil marks.


Cut out your heart. Make folds along the pencil lines you drew. Use the bone folder to make nice sharp creases in the paper. You can also use the edge of your ruler to crease the paper.


Once your heart is folded into an envelope, open it up and erase your pencil lines.


Look how darling! Now your heart has become an envelope to deliver sweet nothings to the one you love! Once you write inside , seal your envelope with a fun piece of washi tape or a heart sticker.


If you’re making a love letter garland, you’ll need to make several envelopes. Before sealing them, lay them out with the envelope flaps pointing up. Take a piece of bakers twine and lay it across the envelopes leaving extra twine on both ends so you can hang it up. Secure each envelope over the twine with Washi tape or a sticker. Now you have an adorable garland to display!



Look how cute these envelope hearts look on our pom pom garland by Inkberry! Stop by Fancy That for the finishing touches you need for your very own envelope garland. We’ve got bakers twine, washi tape and stickers to make yours extra fancy!

I’m just smitten with these aren’t you??

Lots of love,



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we know you want to show the fabulous mom’s in your life some love! So, take a trip to Fancy That and pick up some gifts that will pamper and delight!

Mom’s love flowers! And what better kind of bouquet to get them than one that never dies! Check out these beautiful pom pom bouquets from Inkberry!

Pom Pom Bouquet by Inkberry
Everlasting flowers, just like your love for mom!

Mom’s love to be pampered! We have got some fantastic aromatherapy gifts that will help mom’s stress melt away! We carry an array of Shower Bursts from Hydra with scents to relax, refresh, and stress bust!

refresh_burst relax_burst stress_burst





Speaking of melting…have you ever heard of moisturizing candles? You can actually use the warm wax like lotion! It smells ah-maze-ing and makes your skin super soft! Mom will love it, trust us. It really is the perfect pamper gift!

body candle
These body candles come in three yummy scents: lavender & currant, lavender vanilla, and lavender

You know what else mom’s love? Mom’s love jewelry! At Fancy That we carry some lovely locally made necklaces. They are beautifully simple and go with everything – so she can wear it as an everyday necklace or out for a nice dinner.


If you’re a mom or know a mom stop by Fancy That this Sunday (which is Mother’s Day, just in case you forgot), from 10 to 12. We’ll have mimosas and french toast made by Decadent Creations!

Happy Mother’s Day!