Marshmallow Buttercream with Salted Caramel Topped Cupcakes

My oh my doesn’t this look delicious? Fronie Mae Bakes has done it again! She takes a basic chocolate cupcake and tops it with thick and creamy marshmallow butter cream! You could totally stop here and have one heck of a cupcake. She takes it one step further and drizzles on a show stopping salted caramel sauce! A perfect 10 if you ask me! Not only are we loving this dessert, we are loving how she served these beauties up! She used pink and gold flamingo party plates layered with pink scalloped plates from Fancy That. It’s such a fun and sweet combination don’t you think?

Via Fronie Mae Bakes

To get your hands on this fab recipe visit Fronie Mae Bakes for all the details. Loving these party plates? Check us out at for our fun pink and gold flamingo plates and more!

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Easy Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting

There’s nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate! Check out this to die for peanut butter frosting recipe from Fronie Mae Bakes! Pair it with her chocolate vegan cupcakes for an unforgettable combination. We love how she layered our foiled sprinkle plates¬†with our yellow scalloped plates. It’s just so bright and fun! Great for any birthday or baby shower! Head on over to Fronie Mae Bakes to get this easy creamy peanut butter frosting recipe. For party supplies, fun plates, napkins and more stop into Fancy That today or shop Fancy That online!

Via Fronie Mae Bakes