Our Favorite Pokemon Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Searching for Pokemon party supplies?  I know!  They are SO hard to find.  But look no further.  Our creative minds at Fancy That have rounded up all the Pokemon party supplies and Pokemon party ideas you’ll need to create a fabulous party.  We even provided a free awesome Pokemon download and Pokemon DIY just for you.  So let’s get this Pokemon party started!

First, gather all your materials (listed below).  Luckily, you can get the party supplies by shopping at Fancy That online at shopfancythat.com.  Or, simply stop by the shop and we will help you gather all your party must haves. We have plenty of plates, napkins, straws, cups and utensils in your choice of Pokemon-themed colors too!


{Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography}

Need a unique favor for your fellow Pokemoners?  Our new gift bar is where you want to be.  Our flip top candy favor containers and tubes are perfect filled with Pokemon-colored chocolate sixlets or gumballs!  You can also use our best-selling popcorn boxes as favors or snack boxes – they look adorable filled with crackers or popcorn!  To make your favor extra fancy, simply print out our free printable and use either adhesive paper or card stock to print your Poke Ball. If using card stock, just add a bit of double-sided tape to add to your favor.



{Photo Credit: Katie Hickenbottom Photography}

Now, let’s make the party scream POKEMON PARTY by creating this super cool 3d Poke Ball.


Here’s how to make your own DIY Poke Ball!


1 red and 1 white 12” Fancy That honeycomb

2 pieces of black card stock

1 piece of white card stock

Optional: 2.5 circle punch and 3.5 circle punch

Glue gun

Double-sided tape



  1. Cut two 1.5 x 11 inch strips of black card stock and attach together with tape.
  2. Open honeycombs half way and attach together.
  3. Punch or cut out a 3.5 inch black circle.
  4. Punch or cut out a white 2.5 inch circle.
  5. Tape white circle on top of black with double sided tape.
  6. Attach the dots to the black strip at seam.
  7. Hot glue the black strip to the edge of the honeycombs. (The strip doesn’t need to go around the entire honeycomb ball)
  8. You’re done!  Use your DIY Poke ball as a center piece on your table to add a bit of fun to your Pokemon party.


Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

Now get ready and par-tay!