Re-purposed Candy Cane Ideas

Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

We all have them. Those left over candy canes, taking up room.

But don’t throw them out. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and since candy canes are red and white, they would be perfect to re-purpose.

The beautiful thing about candy canes is if you crush them down to sprinkles, they are no longer a Christmas treat but a year round everyday peppermint topping.

Our favorite item to top with peppermint sprinkles is our Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate. This stuff is the bomb-diggity. Yum-my! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a wonderful treat for the kids, a perfect dessert for a romantic dinner, or a lovely Valentine’s Gift for a teacher.

Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

Fancy Items:

Mason Jar Shot Glasses
Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate

Here goes: To crush the candy canes into peppermint sprinkles simply drop the unwrapped candy canes into a doubled plastic bag and roll your rolling pin over them. Applying different pressure will either give you large sprinkles or smaller sprinkles. Experiment and see which size you like better.

Once the sprinkles are done follow the instructions on the back of the Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate.

To serve your Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate you will need a small glass. I mean small, as in a demitasse size. We recommend our Mason Jar Shot Glass. First off, because they are so dang cute and secondly the drinking chocolate is so rich and creaming a little goes a long way.

Once you fill the Mason Jar Shot Glass add whipping cream on top if desired. Then finish with a dusting of peppermint sprinkles. Voile! A yummy and adorable dessert.


Photo Credit:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography

If you want to give the sprinkles and drinking chocolate to your kiddo’s teacher simply pour the sprinkles into one of our metal top tubs designed for just such things and tie with our bakers twine to the Sipping Dreams drinking chocolate box. Add a pretty thank you tag and you are set.



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