Easy Appetizers!

Bread and Dip

Mmmmm….can you smell that? It’s this fresh baked Soberdough Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Bread that I just baked! I’d give you a piece, but well…I ate it all. Sorry (not sorry). It paired perfectly with the Wildly Delicious Roasted Garlic & Tomato Bruschetta Bread Dipper.

At Fancy That we’ve got a bunch of different Wildly Delicious Dips and Spreads to go with all the different flavors of Soberdough Bread Mixes. Soberdough Bread is so easy and fast to make. Pair the bread with a dip or spread and you’ve got an “wildly delicious” and super easy appetizer that will have your guests thinking you slaved away in the kitchen all day!

So stop in the shop or click here to find your perfect bread and dip combo!

New at Fancy That

So many new things at the shop! Where to begin?

Let’s start by cooling down with an exceptional glass of cold iced tea from Steven Smith Teamaker. Each uniquely blended sachet makes one quart. One sip of this fabulous tea and you’ll know why we called it exceptional. Choose from black tea or green tea.

Exceptional Iced Tea - Steven Smith Teamaker Fez Iced Tea - Steven Smith Teamaker

If you’re like me you can’t go camping and not have s’mores! We’ve got the most delicious S’mores Kits from Madyson’s Marshmallows in the shop right now. The kits come with nice and crispy Moravian sugar cookies, marshmallows, matches, and roasting sticks. You want to know the best part? The chocolate is actually inside the marshmallows, so it melts as your mallow is roasting. How genius is that?!

s'mores kit

We love bread and we love beer! So why not combine the two to make a delicious, super easy beer bread! That’s exactly what Soberdough has done. This handcrafted bread mix is made in small batches with all natural ingredients. It comes in several amazing flavors like rosemary, cinnful raisin, roasted garlic and sundried tomato pesto. Perfect as a house warming gift or to bake yourself and take to a friend.


So many fabulous and delicious goodies in the shop, stop in and check them out! Happy eating!