Healthy Tailgate Food

It’s fall and that means football and more importantly tailgate parties! There are a lot of football games during the season and while we love all the yummy, bad for you tailgate snacks, we think balance is important. So, we’ve cooked up some healthy game day snacks (that you can serve along side some not so healthy snacks)!

Nuts! We love ’em! Packed with protein and flavor they are seriously the perfect snack food! At Fancy That we’ve got sweet and salty, peppery and spicy, almonds and peanuts! We’ve also got cheese – and not just any cheese – Moon Cheese! A fun crunchy snack that’s high in protein, low in carbs and it’s a great conversation starter!

Healthy Game Day Snacks

What’s more perfect for tailgating than chili?! It’s our fave! And lucky for you we’ve stocked up on Frontier Soups Chili Mix. Their White Bean Chili is so good and so healthy! Packed with protein and lean ground turkey you’ll feel satisfied and your waistline will thank you. Bake up Frontier Soups Santa Fe Trail Cornbread Mix, top your chili with our super fun Moon Cheese and…perfection!

Chili and Cornbread


If you are actually tailgating, or you just hate cleaning up after a party be sure to pick up some of our awesome paper products and hand stamped utensils! Who says tailgating can’t be fancy?!



5 Fancy Tips for Football Parties

5 Fancy Tips for Football Parties

Are you ready for some football? Let me tell you, football season is about as exciting as Christmas at my house!  No matter what team you root for, we have tips that will help you tackle setting up your shindig!

1.  Food Trays –  Make it easy for your guests to carry their grub and drinks!  Fill them up and head to the couch to cheer on your team.

2.  Festive Drink Labels – Transform your beverages with drink labels.  They are festive and oh so cute!

3.  Snacks Made Easy – serve up peanuts and popcorn in cello bags for an easy grab n go snack.  Cupcake liners are for more than cupcakes!  Fill them with sandwiches, chicken wings, chips, savory nut mixes and more!

4.  Decorating is a Snap – add black and white stripes for the perfect referee accent!

5.  Chalk it up! – chalkboard paper makes an ideal runner for your food table and makes clean up a breeze!

football trays