I Heart Pizza Gift Ideas

This month is all about hearts, true love and all the feels. If anything makes me go weak in the knees, it’s definitely pizza! I am down for a slice anytime, day or night. It’s my go to comfort food. Know any pizza lovers like me? This valentines day make someone’s pizza dreams come true with all of these fun pizza theme gifts from Fancy That!

This card says it all. A love stronger than a love for pizza? Now that’s true love!

Save money in style with this vibrant pizza money change purse from Blue Q.

Remind that special someone just how special they are with these adorable pizza socks.

How about a cute new mug? Pizza is my soul mate too!

This pizza dish towel is a definite show stopper. A must have for that pizza lover in your in life!

Package these fun gifts up in one of our signature gift boxes just in time for Valentine’s Day! Only a few shopping days left to find the perfect gift that says it all. Stop into Fancy That and let us help you pick out all the Fancy!

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Valentine’s Day Heart Piñatas

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way! That means it’s time to think of all of those “special someones” in your life. I have fallen hard for these sweet little heart pinatas! They are small, which I adore and they come filled with oversized confetti and valentine tattoos. These would make great favors for your Valentine’s Day party or even sweet little gifts for those on your love list! Open them up and stash small toys, trinkets or candy inside! These little heart pinatas come three to a set and are ready for you to fill with love. Stop in at Fancy That for all of your Valentine’s Day gifts and party supplies. Don’t forget we’re here 24/7 online to help with all of your fancy parties and gift giving at shopfancythat.com!

Fancy as always,


DIY Mini Donut Pinata and Free Donut Printable

We are at it again with the donut pinatas!  This time we’ve created a mini version that’s super simple to make!  Follow the steps below to make one of your very own!

Supplies Needed:  Paper plates, 3 rolls of fringe (white, pink, brown), hot glue gun, washi tape, glue stick, confetti, treats to fill pinata.

diy mini donut pinata

Now to put it all together! 

1. Cut the brims off your paper plates.

diy mini donut pinata


2. Fill one paper plate with your goodies. I chose some yummy truffles from Seattle Chocolates, Annie B’s Caramels, and my favorite Blue Q gum!

diy mini donut pinata


3. Place 2nd paper plate on top of goody filled plate and tape shut with washi tape.

diy mini donut pinata


4. Cut a small piece of brown fringe and hot glue it to the center of the plate – this is the donuts hole.

diy mini donut pinata


5. Hot glue around the brown fringe and lay down your pink fringe – this is the frosting and should fill almost the entire top portion of the plate.

diy mini donut pinata


6. Glue around the pink fringe and lay down the white fringe – do not glue over the place where the two plates meet.

diy mini donut pinata

7. Repeat steps 1-6 on the other side of the pinata

8. Trim fringe around the pinata if you prefer. I did so it wasn’t quite as fluffy. Fringe clippings make great confetti!

9. Take your glue stick and rub it all over the pink fringe.

diy mini donut pinata


10. Sprinkle confetti on donut and let dry.

diy mini donut pinata


There you have it! Your very own mini donut pinata. Wasn’t that easy?!

diy mini donut pinata


Of course you can make chocolate donuts too!

diy donut pinata


And since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we love you so much we’ve created this fun donut tag for you to attach to your pinata.

We adore these exclusive watercolor donuts tags by Katie Hickenbottom Photography.  Sign up to receive your free printable donut tag!

diy donut pinata


Happy crafting!



Candyfetti Mini Trifles


Have you tried Candyfetti from Sweets Indeed yet?  Well…if you haven’t you are missing out!  It’s sweet and sour, crunchy and chewy.  Perfect to eat on it’s own or to sprinkle on cupcakes, ice cream, pancakes…anything your little heart desires really.

We used Candyfetti to make mini trifles for our upcoming Valentine’s Day party!  And let me tell you,  they were a hit by our taste testers!   You can make them too, just follow the recipe below:


  • Plastic shot glasses
  • Cute spoons


  • Box of cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Candyfetti

I use the term “trifle” pretty loosely.  If you want to make a traditional trifle you could add custard and fruit, but since these cups are so small I just used frosting!  Make the cake according to the directions.  Once you take it out of the oven and let it cool, cut the cake in half length wise.

Candyfetti Cake


Using a shot glass cut out cake circles.

Candyfetti Cake

Place a dollop of frosting in the bottom of a clean shot glass and then sprinkle on some Candyfetti.


Place a cake circle on top then add more frosting and Candyfetti.

Candyfetti Cake

Candyfetti Cake

Repeat the above steps one more time…

Candyfetti Cake

That’s it! So cute, so yummy and so easy!


Happy Baking!


Photo credits:  Katie Hickenbottom Photography


DIY Heart Pinata

Here at Fancy That we’re lovers, not fighters. With that in mind we designed this DIY Heart Pinata so you can tug on its heart strings (because smashing hearts to pieces on Valentine’s Day just seems wrong). If you pull the correct ribbon the heart will open up and the candy will flow out.

DIY Heart Pinata


This pinata is so easy to make and so adorable – if I do say so myself!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Cardboard Box
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue Gun
  • Stapler
  • Twine
  • Ribbon
  • Fringe or Crepe Paper

Here’s how we did it:

Break down your cardboard box. You’ll want two big pieces for the front and back and several smaller pieces for the sides.

DIY Heart Pinata

Next get some paper and cut out a heart. I took two pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper and taped them together. Then I folded them in half and drew half a heart. I cut out the heart and taped it in place on top of a big cardboard piece and cut it out. Do this again to the second big piece of cardboard.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

The box I used  had skinny sides – if your box is a equal on all sides, you’ll want to cut a few thin pieces for the sides of your pinata. The width of your strips will depend on how wide you want your pinata to be.

DIY Heart Pinata

Before attaching the side pieces you can bend them all over so they curve easily around the heart pieces.

Now you can start taping the side pieces to the heart pieces. I used regular tape, but you can use any tape you want. The guts of the pinata do not have to look pretty 🙂

DIY Heart Pinata

When you get to the bottom tip of the heart leave a little extra cardboard, this will act as the trap to keep the candy in the pinata. Staple the winning ribbon to the inside of this piece.

DIY Heart Pinata DIY Heart Pinata

To hang the pinata I used a long piece of twine and knotted the two ends together. Place the twine in between the two sides and center it. Take the stapler and staple the twine inside the cardboard a couple of times (or a lot of times like I did) You’ll want the knotted end of the twine to be inside the pinata.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

Now you can attach the top of the pinata.

DIY Heart Pinata

Look how cute that is already!

Ok, time to attach the rest of the ribbons. I did mine in a few different colors and cut them all different lengths.

DIY Heart Pinata

I taped the ribbons on to all sides with tape. Try not to tape over ribbon that has already been taped because it will pull both ribbons off at the same time. These do not have to be taped on well – you want them to come off easily.

DIY Heart Pinata

Once you have your ribbons attached heat up that glue gun!

You can use crepe paper or fringe to cover your pinata.  I used 3 colors of fringe – red, fuchsia and white. Side note: don’t put the glue on the tape holding down the ribbons – glue around it.

DIY Heart Pinata

DIY Heart Pinata

Fill the pinata with candy and tuck the trap door into the the pinata.

You did it! Now take a few seconds to admire your work and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Happy crafting!


10 Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest of holidays. It’s filled with love notes, caring gestures and of course sweet treats! This Valentine’s Day, treat all of the sweethearts in your life to something deliciously fancy made by you! I’ve pulled together 10 Valentine’s Day treat recipes that anyone is sure to love.

Looking for something simple and sweet? Try these Strawberry Angel Food Skewers.

Via My Own Road

I am a chocoholic at heart. These Baileys Molten Lava Cakes for 2 look incredible!

Via 3 Yummy Tummies

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little red velvet. Aren’t these Marbled Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies so pretty?

Via The Novice Chef

You won’t have to try too hard to win them over with Red Velvet Cake Bites. Super easy and super sweet!


Via Six Sisters Stuff

Sugar cookies are always a crowd pleaser. Take them to the next level by adding a little extra love. I can’t get over these Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies!

Via Baked By Rachel

I do love a good rice crispy treat! These XOXO Rice Crispy Treats are gushing with cuteness. I know my kids would love to help make these too.

Via Two Sisters Crafting

How about some simple Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting? I am especially fond of the “love” detail written out in colored candy melts.

Via Life, Love and Sugar

Truffles are a Valentine’s Day staple at my house. These Raspberry Dusted Chocolate Fudge Brownie Truffles will make you swoon!

Via Spabettie

Another simple, yet festive treat are these Cherry Almond Cookies. They are beautiful and have just the right amount of sweetness.

Via The Kitchen Is My Playground

If you crave cookie dough like I do, then look no further. I am in love with these Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough Hearts. They have peanut butter in them too. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Via Oh My Goodness Chocolate Desserts

So many choices! Valentine’s treats are not only fun to make, but even more fun to give. Share the love this Valentine’s Day and pass out your home made goodies to friends, teachers and neighbors too! Come into Fancy That and we’ll help you find the perfect packaging. We have clear boxes and bags to really show off your handy work. As well as treat bag and gable boxes in lots of colors and patterns. We even have Valentine tags, flags and fun shred to add that special heartfelt touch. All that hard work deserves to be delivered in style! Stop in or visit us here to shop all our Valentine treat packaging selections.

I hope these Valentine’s Day treat ideas add a little sweetness and a whole lot of love to your heart day celebration. Which ones will you choose?

Much love,




Love Letter Garland


Hand written notes seem to be a thing of the past but when you receive one, you realize how special they are! Instead of texting the one you love, why not sweeten their day with a simple note telling them how much they mean to you!

I made these darling hearts out of card stock and folded them into sweet little envelopes. When an envelope is opened, the heart shape is revealed as well as your hand written love note.  You could make these as individual notes and hide them for your special someone to find throughout Valentines Day, put one in your kid’s lunch box, next to their bed in the morning or in their backpack. Write one thing you love about them on each heart or just a simple “I love you”. String up several envelopes onto some bakers twine for a cute Valentine’s Day decoration. Then on February 14th, your sweethearts can open each one with your sentiments inside. It’s so thoughtful they’ll just melt!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Heart template (Use ours here)

heart template


a 12″ x 12″ sheet of card stock. Patterned or solid. I used doubled sided patterned paper so the inside of my heart was just as cute as the outside. You should be able to get two hearts out of one sheet


Bone folder



Washi tape or heart stickers

Bakers twine if  you want to make a garland


Start by printing out your heart template. Cut out the template and trace around it onto your card stock


The hash marks on the template represent the folds you will use to make your heart into an envelope. Once traced, take your pencil and extend the fold lines onto the card stock.


Using a ruler, lightly connect your pencil marks.


Cut out your heart. Make folds along the pencil lines you drew. Use the bone folder to make nice sharp creases in the paper. You can also use the edge of your ruler to crease the paper.


Once your heart is folded into an envelope, open it up and erase your pencil lines.


Look how darling! Now your heart has become an envelope to deliver sweet nothings to the one you love! Once you write inside , seal your envelope with a fun piece of washi tape or a heart sticker.


If you’re making a love letter garland, you’ll need to make several envelopes. Before sealing them, lay them out with the envelope flaps pointing up. Take a piece of bakers twine and lay it across the envelopes leaving extra twine on both ends so you can hang it up. Secure each envelope over the twine with Washi tape or a sticker. Now you have an adorable garland to display!



Look how cute these envelope hearts look on our pom pom garland by Inkberry! Stop by Fancy That for the finishing touches you need for your very own envelope garland. We’ve got bakers twine, washi tape and stickers to make yours extra fancy!

I’m just smitten with these aren’t you??

Lots of love,



Valentine Card Box DIY

A new twist on the old Valentine card box + free fancy that printable!

With Valentine’s Day parties fast approaching your kiddo’s will love this new approach to the old “shoe box” Valentine card mailbox!


Here’s how to make it fancy!

Fancy Supplies:

Gable box
Washi tape- optional
Free printable
Paper Straw-Optional


Heart shaped punch (optional)
Paper of your choice
Glue or double sided tape

Simply cut a rectangle in one of the top flaps of the gable box, big enough for candy, cards or toys to fit through. I used a ruler and drew a faint template of a rectangle before cutting the shape out with an x-acto knife. Hint: do this before opening the box up so you can lay the top flap flat on the cutting board (single layer).

To make the edges of the rectangle look finished, I trimmed the edges with washi tape.

Now the hard put is done and the fun can begin. Hand the box over to your kiddo and let their imagination go wild.

Use whatever wrapping paper or card stock you have on hand to decorate the entire box.

I used wrapping paper to trim around the box and card stock cut to the size of the box front and back to add some interest.  I used twine and strung hearts down the front.

Don’t forget we provided our original designed hearts to be downloaded and cut out. Use them to add an extra special one of a kind feel to your kiddos card box.

I used a paper straw to make an arrow. Simply cut slits in the stop and bottom of the straw and place the arrow tip and the tail in the slits. Fasten the straw to the box with washi tape or twine.arrow-heartpink-heart


Ta ta for now,



Valentine’s Game Night

Valentine’s Game Night with a Fancy Twist

I know it’s still a couple weeks away, but I’ve already been filling Pinterest boards with a ton of Valentine’s related pins.  So, I decided why not combine a few of the fun ideas for one cute game night?  Of course, I also threw in one of our really great Paper Eskimo Decor Kits into the mix, just to add a little fancy.  My daughter loves playing games, and just discovered bingo.  I was so happy to find this great Valentine’s Bingo game on Crazy Little Projects’ blog.  The bingo cards are so fun and looked adorable in the treat bags that come in the decor kit.  I put our bingo markers, aka peanut butter m&m’s, in the baking cups and used the paper trays to hold bingo pieces and the yummiest Soft M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies (recipe from Averie Cooks) for a little game night snacking.  The whole fam had fun and I was literally tickled pink to have a color-coordinated game night!


The Paper Eskimo Decor Kits come in several colors and designs and really could be used a million ways – from game night to party decor to stylish desk organization.  Really, the sky’s the limit!  Stop by the shop to check them out today.


Another day, another chance to sparkle!